Getting Started…

Hey Readers! Thanks for looking. I’m assuming you know me since you are reading this, but someday when I’m a stay at home mom with a hefty income coming from my blog (ha ha!), people might come back to this, my first blog post, to see where it all got started.

Since this blog is about some of my favorite things (my faith, my family, my friends, food, and football), I’ll start with a little about them.

Faith: I’m a Christian, born and raised in a God-fearing home. I grew up in a little church of about 100 or so outside Nashville, TN. I started college at Lipscomb University but graduated from the University of North Alabama, where I was active in the Christian Student Center. I have a heart for missions, especially in Kenya. I’ve been privileged to travel to Kenya (thrice), Tanzania (once, on the same trip as my last one to Kenya), Honduras, Oneida, TN, and Mobile, AL on mission trips. I’m hoping that God will open doors for me to do even more locally after I pass my nurse practitioner boards, maybe at a free or low cost clinic. I also look forward to the day that I can return to visit my family in Kenya.

Family: I’m married to Whit. We are both from the middle Tennessee area, so we are blessed that both sets of parents live in the same county!  We hope that we will be able to move back closer to home once he finishes his Ph.D. this school year (hopefully!). I’m the third of four kids, and Whit is the oldest of three.

Friends: This will get more details as the blog progresses I’m sure! I hope to use the blog as a place to link or post pictures with friends to decrease my facebook footprint 🙂

Food: Most of this part of the blog will center around things that Whit and I have made, either through growing them in the garden or cooking/baking them in the kitchen. We have enjoyed participating in the community garden at our church during the past three years, and once I finish this post, I’m headed to the kitchen to can some tomatoes!

Football: While this doesn’t occupy quite as high a spot in my life as it used to, I still love football. True to my southern roots, I’m an SEC girl to the core. I grew up a Vanderbilt fan and sometime during the mid-1990s, also adopted the Florida Gators as a favorite football team.  I’m dreading the day that a conference other than the SEC wins a national championship, though it wouldn’t bother me for Bama’s reign on top to end, as long as another SEC team replaces them!!! True to my middle Tennessee roots, I’m a Tennessee Titans fan. Far secondary to being close to my family again, I really hope that we can move closer to Nashville so that I can watch my Titans every week. Being out of the Titans broadcast area has been pretty horrible for me! At least the past few seasons haven’t been that much to miss, right…

So that’s my introduction in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ll get into a habit where I post here regularly.

Be blessed!